New Review! LELO BOB — The Premium Gentleman’s Plug!

So a foray into anal toys for ya, eh? Well this review should be your start, my friends. The internet has brought anal play into that sort of shady area at the bus stop, just next to where ‘traditional sex’ sits. It’s here to stay, people like it, but your grandma sitting next to you might not be aware of it yet. The back door is a wonderful place to explore, full of nerve endings, and adjacent to your p-spot (prostate), gentlemen…this makes for unique sensations during sex. Lizzy and I are all for them. She thoroughly enjoys a finger in the bottom during oral sex, and we both enjoy using plugs intermittently during our exploits. My favorite anal toy is the LELO BOB. It’s a modest, but high-quality butt plug that feels great for me and Lizzy when either of us use it!

Scale = Nickel
Scale = Nickel

In a nice, white silk sack, our BOB plug can be found lying in wait. It came beautifully packaged, like all LELO goods, in a smooth box, lined with a custom plastic tray that cradles the toy and covers an instruction manual and aforementioned storage bag. BOB itself is equally as sensual and luxurious in its design. With a ring at its base, connecting to a tapered shaft, the plug graduates, then reduces to a smooth point at the tip, following a gentle curve along the entire insertable portion. If you have never had anything in your ass before, no sweat. This plug can be used for beginners by simply relaxing sphincter muscles, which we should note, is important for all anal play. Because of its wonderful design, though, more advanced users will still find its p-spot pressure very agreeable. The toy is a smooth, but not lint-grabbing, silicone, wrapped around a rigid core at the ring and ‘bulb’ of the plug. The shaft is flexible at its base.

As far as sensation, there is a breadth of information on p-spot stimulation, but the main point is one can expect more intense orgasms. 🙂 The ring allows for a nice hand hold for placement, retrieval, and gentle tugging during sex. I never have issues with comfort regarding this plug. The BOB allows for sitting, standing, and moving around. Lizzy has no issues using this plug either, and really enjoys the outward pressure the ring allows me to apply when going down on her or when she’s on all fours during penetration. Something like the Fun Factory Booty moves around a bit less for her (in terms of spinning), but if you are going to have one plug in the family to start out, this is a great one. Mind you, it should always be sterilized between uses and partners. Cleaning is a breeze with the silicone construction on the BOB. TSA has also seen this scanned on a number of our trips through airport security, never batting an eyelash at us. Travel away, jet setters!

On Lizzy's back
On Lizzy’s back

Pros: Bargain for solid weight and high quality, masculine/seductive colors, more or less unisex, silicone

Cons: Can spin inside, but doesn’t usually do so for me (also easy to fix), “LELO” lettering on the side of base of shaft = unnecessary recess

Here is what LELO has to say on their site:

Perfectly Curved for Prostate Massage
Ring at Base for Added Security & Comfort
Seamless Design for Easy, Effective Cleaning
Ultra-smooth, Body-safe Silicone Design
1-Year Warranty, 10-Year Quality Guarantee

The quick and dirty:

At $49, it’s really hard to find a reason not to get the LELO BOB. It will make any anal experience a legitimate luxury affair for him or her. After all this talk, I am deciding how fast I can get naked to have Lizzy give me head and play with this plug at the same time (I recommend on your knees, leaning back onto your hands, legs spread). Just sit back and enjoy! We do recommend getting used to this toy on your own, as with most, just so you know what is comfortable. And, most importantly, lube, lube, lube. Bottom play should never hurt. If it does, slow down, relax, and add more lube.

Thanks for reading!

Stay classy, stay naked

M & L

In the interest of full disclosure, we purchased BOB completely on our own. We were not compensated in any way for this review by LELO.


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