New Review! Avocado App (Your Private Couple’s Place!)

During a recent stint, about three months ago, Lizzy and I found ourselves in different states for a few weeks. Yeah, you already understand…lots of horniness, sexting (obviously), and a need to exchange pussy pics and cock compositions for masturbation efforts! Without the proper tools, though, this situation can seem dire! Well if not dire, a good, solid, pain in the ass at least…Have you tried to sext on an iPhone without a special app??? Imagine you have Photostream turned on, which shares photos across all your Apple devices, and you want to send your lover a revealing picture. You would first have to open your photo app, take a shot, send the photo, delete it from your camera roll, then from all your other devices manually…for each one you send. This is the opposite of convenient!! You and your lover must also both remember to erase the dirty goods from your text conversation if you don’t want any traces left. This whole process can ruin a hot sexting session about as easily as seeing grandma naked. Fortunately computer gurus all across the world have been shooting to develop apps to mitigate the hurdles of sexting for us for years now! And we found one that takes the cake (also helps us cum when apart)…

I will tell you that Lizzy and I have tried them all, Snapchat (don’t like the interface, it’s easy to send to the wrong individual, and I want pictures for longer than 6 seconds…), Between (couples’ app built for two using messaging, moments, and calendar features, a bit frilly, but a good option for couples that are long distance most of the time), and drum rolllll…..Avocado, our favorite, which I will outline below… We also played with F@cebook Poke, Gif Chat, iDelete, Kik, and a few others without being impressed whatsoever.

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Avocado is an Apple, Android, and Web app that allows couples to keep in touch with one another in a secure, intimate portal. Let me be clear, Avocado is only for two people. You and your partner are the only ones either of you will be able to interact with in the app. No friends, no searches, only you two… Lizzy and I love that about this app!!! Because everything is self-contained in Avocado, there is no worry about deleting photos, files, or messages (assuming a committed, trustworthy relationship). Your iPhone photo app doesn’t see any photos taken in Avocado! This means sexting sessions are intense, fast-paced, secure, and everything else you want them to be! And all of your spicy moments are locked away for you to, shall we say ‘reflect’ back upon later ;).

We were pretty thorough in getting a feel for these apps, using our favorite two, Between and Avocado, for a solid week before Avocado clearly emerged as the winner. Avocado was the front runner for a variety of reasons, which will become clear quickly if you download it, but include its many features, clean user interface, affordable upgrade to Avocado Unlimited, and the web app functionality (I like to keep a folder on the computer to store sexy Lizzy pics in for times when the iPhone or iPad screen just isn’t big enough), which Between lacks.

Here are the main features of Avocado with a little description for each…
Private Messaging: Chat allows you and your partner to send text, photo, video (unlimited only), doodles, stickers, location, and more in a conversation layout. Works perfectly!
Hugs & Kisses: Send hugs and kisses with tactile vibration when you receive it. Actually a very cute way to know you’re ‘touching’ your lover.
Lists: Keep a running tally on fun positions to try, places where you want to make love, sex toys you want to buy, or what groceries you need! Photos can be attached, too!
Calendar: Share important dates with one another, plan secret surprises for your partner with suggestive titles (sex fest, etc.)…
Photo Gallery: Store pictures and videos in a gallery made just for the app, very fun for browsing for that perfect masturbation motivation!
Security and Privacy: Encrypted data to industry standards, turn lock code on to access app, change shared password, notification options adjustable, get message when your partner’s phone gets low…

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Behind a discreet icon is your new favorite app. Lizzy and I leave each other surprises in this app all the time. It’s so fun when you see an Avocado message buzz across your screen. Your pulse quickens in excitement as you think about what you might find when you open the message…great way to spice things up whether you’re near or far.

I recommend upgrading to Unlimited for $20 for the year. It gets you 30 second video clips, unlimited photos, unlimited lists, add images from web, priority customer support, web exclusive full archive & search features, and VIP access to new features, in addition to the base functionality.

Pros: Reasonable price, best app of its kind for couples, secure, multiple platforms

Cons: It’s only as good as what you put in. Some partners might need time to feel comfortable with this type of communication. It’s worth the wait, though!

Here is a link to the Avocado website…definitely check it out!

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The quick and dirty:

I just opened Avocado, entered my pass code quickly, and watched a wonderful little clip from my Lizzy. I don’t have to delete that video for it to remain private. Need I say more? This is a wonderful relationship and sexuality tool that has a definite place on my phone for as long as I can foresee being interested in sex with my gorgeous better half. The app store reviews and ratings will corroborate our experience with Avocado. What are you waiting for?!

Thanks for reading!

Stay classy, stay naked

M & L

In the interest of full disclosure, we purchased Avocado completely on our own. We were not compensated in any way for this review by Avocado Software, Inc.


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