New Review: Tantus Super Soft C-Ring!

Nobody wants an okay boner! Not you. Not your partner. Never. You both want erect steel; a prolific, hulking, tower of a cock, whether it’s in your pussy for a cummarathon or his hand for a solo session! Fortunately, the passionate erotica between you minimizes the number of so-so woodies in both your lives. But sometimes, nature is intent on forcing the tent to remain three quarters pitched. But nature is one step behind us (evil laugh)…we have cock rings! With one of these, you can stave off meager hard-ons for the rest of eternity!

Tantus makes an incredible cock ring. If you don’t already own one (or many ;)), this should be your first! Their Super Soft C-Ring has an unassuming name, but your or your partner’s equipment will be anything but once sporting this stretchy love band!

Wine, sports cars, and wood ;)
Wine, sports cars, and wood πŸ˜‰

If you are unaware, a cock ring is a device designed to encircle a man’s penis and/or testicles with the intention of temporarily trapping extra blood in this area during sex to increase girth and prolong erections and ejaculation. If you’re wondering whether or not you want these intended results, let me just go ahead and say, “Yes, yes you do!” Deciding you want a cock ring is easy. Deciding which one to get becomes a bit more difficult and potentially intimidating, given the vast selection. Beginners and pros alike all agree, though, that the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring is exceptional. It’s high-quality silicone construction makes it incredibly durable, body-safe, and feel extremely luxurious, despite its incredibly managable $10 purchase price!!! The ring is sized perfectly for a wide array of users. It fits very snugly around my entire package, and medium snug when used just on the shaft of my cock.

I find myself reaching for the Super Soft C-Ring all the time (before and after erections)!!! Lizzy is always okay with it πŸ˜‰ With her, blow jobs are already incredible, but feeling ‘strapped’ in for her to handle my balls during blowjobs is awesome! Getting it on and off is easy no matter how hard you are, due to the stretch. Just make sure to be patient (one ball at a time), go with the grain (if you have pubic hair), and play with it on your own to make sure you know what you like best. The ring comes in three colors, black, red, and purple. You can tell that Tantus made a quality product when it’s in your hands. Hats off, guys!

We travel with this cock ring and have never had any TSA issues. It’s very unassuming and in black, I think a lot of people probably wouldn’t even know what it was.

Pros: Amazing price, generous sizing range, silicone material, easy to stash anywhere, fun for solo, vaginal, anal & oral, easy to clean…

Cons: We have heard of varied ‘stretch’ depending on the color, but I will confirm this after trying the other two colors…

Here are some specifics on the Super Soft C-Ring from Tantus’ website…

Unstretched Inside Diameter: 1.5″
Stretched Diameter: 4.75″
Material: 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone (Phthalate free)
Packaging: Discretely packaged and shipped in a standard brown shipping box with a FedEx label. The name β€œTantus” will not appear on any outer surfaces.

A view from the top
A view from the top

The quick and dirty:

Super hard cock over a lifetime for what it costs to buy two lattes?…Yes, please!!! First, pick a color. Next, buy it! Finally, unbox this boner band and start immediately jacking off or having sex with a raging erection. Here is a link to Tantus’ site to buy one :). Great company, superb product.

Thanks for reading!

Stay classy, stay naked

M & L

In the interest of full disclosure, we purchased the Super Soft C-Ring completely on our own. We were not compensated in any way for this review by Tantus.


2 thoughts on “New Review: Tantus Super Soft C-Ring!

    1. Mr. Will,

      So glad you dig our new adventure! It’s a small community reviewing stuff for men, but seems very welcoming and fun! It will definitely be a big part of our blog moving forward…(Agreed, go Tantus!)

      Also, thanks for taking the time to give the feedback on my review. Nice to have some validation at this early stage in the game.

      Looking forward to keeping up with you on the blog and twitter!



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