How to choose a sex toy (3 of 3)

You made it from parts one and two to the final saga of our introduction to selecting a sex toy! Woohoo!

3. Which one will serve me best?

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what you are planning on investing in for your first intimate purchase, how your partner feels about this, what you’re willing to spend, where you’ll keep your prized possession, and probably even what you’re eyeing next! Check out these criteria for making a final choice, how to best acquire your new toy, and a few other considerations as you approach the grand reveal and maiden voyage!

First– Should I buy it in-store or online? Good question. It depends…Can you wait for it to be shipped? If you are unable to wait the day or two, then hop in your car. Receiving an explicit package, even if discretely marked, not doable? Then grab your backpack and head to the subway. Those things considered, it’s generally a good bet to order online via a reputable site, if not directly from the manufacturer, for a few reasons: it’s usually cheaper, often shipping is free, you don’t risk running into anyone you know with a strap-on harness in your hands, and you will always know if something is in stock or not.

Second– What brands should I trust? It’s hard to keep a comprehensive list of approved brands, though it’s often pretty easy to tell the ‘fancy’ brands from the others. Those are the ones you should buy from. The materials they employ are safer, higher quality, their warranties are better, design is generally more thorough, and the presentation of the toys is what will sell your significant other on the fact that you made a good decision. That being said, some of our favorite brands are LELO, WeVibe, Liberator, Tantus, Fun Factory, Coco de Mer (boutique), Babeland (stores), Jimmyjane, Crave, njoy, Je Joue, and Velv’Or to name a few…Silicone is good, phthalates are bad, jelly dildos will put of bad, toxic odors, and poor metal quality might irritate someone with an allergy. All of these brands do a good job of purveying quality. I will discuss materials involved in sex toy product at a later time, but cost is relatively indicative of quality in this arena, as with most others.

Third– Should I read reviews? Absolutely. I have never purchased a sex toy without doing my fair share of research first. It’s pretty easy to get a general impression of which toys will blow your socks off and which ones will live in your sock drawer. Don’t let a bad review or two turn you off either. Sometimes individuals’ anatomies don’t align perfectly with a toy, they use a toy without proper preparation, or got in over their head.

Finally– Make sure you are prepared for the big moment. Your toy is ordered, you are awaiting its arrival, and ready to go. Don’t forget lubrication. This is really important with a number of toys, and will probably help your normal sex routine anyways. Go for a lube without Glycerin and Parabens. Your body doesn’t like those. Also, make sure you have looked at manufacturer recommendations with respect to silicone (water resistant, therefor useful in bath or shower) vs water-based (easy to wash off) lubes with your toy. Some of our favorites are Pink intimate lubricants and Sliquid (again, not inclusive by any means).

CONGRATULATIONS! You should be able to pull the trigger now! Remember quality=price=luxury=how much you will like your new toy (more or less). Buy something nice, that’s within your budget, and enjoy the orgasms!!! We hope this guide has helped explain how to choose your first sex toy or your twentieth!

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for individual product reviews and future tips and tricks!

Stay naked, stay classy

M & L

Just so it’s clear, at this time, I have not been compensated in any way by any of the above companies.


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