How to choose a sex toy (2 of 3)

If you’ve read part one of the guide, naturally you’re asking yourself where part two and three are! Well here is the second section of the guide:

2. What kind of pleasure are you looking for?

If you have considered your budget, what kinds of expectations you and your partner have about this new toy, and where it will be kept, then you probably have an idea of what kind of object will fit into your situation (no pun intended ;)) best. If you are still undecided as to the proper implement for your orgasmic adventures, then consider the categories below when exploring potential purchases. They are arranged from least intimidating to progressively more ‘intense’, and within each tier of intensity by ‘use’. Maybe you’ve reached a new relationship stage, and it’s time to move up the ladder with your toys, this chart will help you anywhere along the gamut, from beginner to pro.

-Be gentle with me- for spicing the mood, intensifying pleasure without being too foreign from what you’re used to…

For Her- Lingerie. Slip into a pair of crotchless panties, a peek-a-boo bra, stockings and stilettos, and you’ll be hard pressed not to feel like a femme fatale ready to melt your partner with raw sex appeal.

For Him- Cock ring. Slide a classy, smooth love circle down around your member and every vein will be instantly more palpable. Keeping ‘him’ like granite will generate an Adonis-like energy in your passion.

For Both- Wedge pad. Nothing new but the positions…yeah, a pillow stack can work, but a quality pad makes it easy to enjoy a more exposed pussy, a perfectly aligned cock, and one hell of a view!

-Harder, please- for new sensations with a trusted partner, no judging here, welcome to the land of experimentation…

For Her- Dildo. A g-spot dildo will allow you to reach that coveted place of joy if you haven’t already. Imagine a perfectly shaped tool pressed right where it should be while your clit receives an oral massage!

For Him- Masterbator. I won’t forget what Lizzy said to me the first time we played with my masterbator together, “Do you want to fuck two pussies?” Everything’s better with help, but solo time rocks now, too!

For Both- Anal plug. Start small. Even a modest plug delivers spectacular results. Make sure to lube up (more than you’d expect) to play it safe. (More on anal safety later) Get ready to cum!!!

-FUUUCK MEEEEE- you’ve been around the block, and you want to feel what technology has to deliver…

For Her- Vibrator. It’s amazing how different all of your normal erogenous zones feel when they have a magnificent pulsation applied to them. With more styles than imaginable, there’s plenty of fun here!

For Him- Couple’s toy. An insertable ‘c-shaped’ vibrator will fill her up with you and buzzing wonder! Your cock will not know what hit it when you’re slippery love palace is all of a sudden shaking! 🙂

For Both- Masterbation station. Invest in a dense position aid that has a place to hold your dildo, vibrator, or masterbation sleeve. Good for solo play or with a partner or two!

-We are the Sexplorers Louisa and Clark- the old world is good, but you want to go into the vast beyond, the dark unknown. Kinkiness is your specialty…

For Her- Arousal jewelry. The bedroom is great and all, but you want to be daring, feel the tickle of pleasure out and about. Silent, vibrating necklaces, beads, and more can make you feel the urge anywhere!

For Him- Restraints. You’re nothing but clay in her hands. Blindfold him for an extra dose of helplessness. Trust me, you’re going to like being in power, ladies. Gents, you’re going to like her plans for you.

For Both- Sex swing. Take turns enjoying weightless, frictionless thrusting, open and exposed oral sessions, and inverted poundings. Acrobatic tantra is something everyone should experience!

Keep in mind, these are just jumping off points. There are loads of aids beyond what I have listed, including some incredible machinery, sex furniture, lesbian-specific toys, electro-stim packages, spanking devices, and role-play equipment to the moon! If you are tickled by one of the solutions listed above, keep reading! I have explained the final step in selecting your first toy below, that is, how to choose the right one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay naked, stay classy

Mike & Lizzy

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