If it looks like luxury, and tastes like luxury, it is…luxurysex, that is.

If you’ve read Steve Jobs’ biography, have a marketing background, or an eye for aesthetics, then you know how powerful presentation is. If something is framed beautifully, the work has already been done for a viewer of that something, with respect to creating an impression. Whether we are aware of it or not, our brain is constantly judging; we are comparing every sensation we experience to the conspectus of our lives already stored away in our brains. To maximize control in presentation and ensure that a particular frame is equated with the right kind of preexisting conception by the viewer, it’s best to consider the base elements that a viewer might use in judgement. The themes underlying the way we feel about any given chunk of past experience are exactly that, feelings; the base of feeling being sensation or emotion, whether we are talking cerebral or tactile. 

You and I may describe a particular experience, identical in every way, with different words, but we likely felt some of the same things during this event. For example, humans like soft objects. It’s a primal sensory association. Similarly, when a person sees another smile at him, whether from the curve of happy lips or something else, he can’t help but feel something nice inside. To return to my Jobs reference from the beginning, if I am presented with a fancy, new smartphone, I will notice its weight, dark color, shiny glass, smooth bevel, and intuitive interface. These characteristics of the phone conjure themes of luxurysimplicityquality, and familiarity, just to name a few. Based on the phone’s presentation, through the sensations or emotions of mine it draws upon, I already trust it, think it’s well built, and valuable!
Now take everything I’ve conveyed so far and imagine I have been talking about sex, or the presentation of things related to sex. Presentation and perception…keys to understanding luxury in the bedroom. I will return to these themes throughout my blog to highlight why certain sex toys, habits, or approaches to intimacy are better than others for keeping your kink high brow.  After all this is luxurysex!
The moral of the story…your brain already knows what luxury is. I am just here to help highlight how it fits into my bedroom, and perhaps yours…
Until next time,
Stay classy, stay naked

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